In 2017 we curated the Unplug Art Experience at Miami Art Basel. This epic event created the most anti-dystopian experience possible across the 2 days in Miami. We set a goal to establish an energy that will have attendees believing they’ve left their current destination and stepped into a universe of euphoric tranquility, freedom, expression, and excitement. 

Unplug is an event for the times, with so much turbulent activity in our world today (racism, hatred, misogyny, homophobia, gender inequality etc.). We implore all individuals of various cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, making the point that in all of the differences and labels society places on us; love and positivity is the critical unifier that enables us to feel the same.  We've created an art exhibit and atmosphere to where an artist can display their vision in a medium of creativity where their art contributes to the negativity-zapping event we’ve deemed "UNPLUG." 

Through art, music, food, and experiential activations, we are granting event goers permission to unplug and indulge.



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Atibia 'Broadway' Williams

CEO & Chief Creative Officer



Patrick Lord 

Designer & Entrepreneur

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Jack "Spade" Holt 

Cinematographer & Video Producer

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Owen Rogers

Brand Partnerships


Ryan-Ashley Harris

Cinematographer & Video Producer